This is why.

Have you ever wondered how paint is made? Or where it goes when left unused? Us too! We set out to understand these questions and in the process found a better way to make better paint.


The Problem

Over 850 million gallons of paint is produced each year and an estimated 10% of that paint goes unused. The amount of paint wasted continues to grow year after year after year. Unfortunately, much of the unused paint ends up in landfills or improperly dumped which has detrimental consequences for the environment.

We started Up Paint™ with a mission to work with our partners and divert paint from destroying our environment and put unused paint to greater use. We call it “upcycling”.

The Solution

Thanks to state governments and non-profits across the United States, millions of gallons of paint are prevented from being poured into our environment. Up Paint™ gives unused paint a second life. We have cut down waste, environmental impact and with our partners created a quality latex paint that not only works great but helps save the planet in the process.

How it Works

So far 10 states have implemented legislation that helps fund programs that collect and relocate paint in an environmentally responsible manner. These states have provided funding for drop off locations that ensure unused paint does not end up in landfills and seeping into the environment.

Unused paint is shipped to the Up Paint™ partner processing facilities where it is “up cycled” to re-engineer the paint.

Consumers drop off used paint at a drop-off site

Paint is delivered to a paint rescue location

Paint is processed

Refined paint is reborn
as Up Paint™

For your next painting project, feel good about saving the environment using upcycled Up Paint!