Million Gallons

Save Money. Save the Planet.

Over 850 million gallons of paint is purchased each year and 10~15% of that paint goes unused. Unused paint ends up in landfills, sitting on shelves, or is disposed of improperly. The environmental impact of improperly handled unused paint is a serious issue that until now, has gone unsolved. Up Paint™ rescues paint before it ends up in a landfill and is reconditioned using our EverGood Upcycle Paint Technology™ to provide you with quality paint at a phenomenal price.

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Better Paint. Better Price.

High-quality, affordable paint for interior and exterior use.

Evergood Technology

Evergood Upcycle Paint Technology™ uses a proprietary processing technology to purify and refine unused paint. Our state-of-the-art processing facilities separate, purify, recondition and recolor the unused paint, resulting in a ready-to-use premium latex paint, perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. Our proprietary EverGood Upcycle Paint Technology™ has been developed over years of research for residential and commercial use.

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How It Works

Consumers drop off used paint at a drop-off site

Paint is delivered to a paint rescue location

Paint is processed
using Evergood
Paint Technology™

Refined paint is reborn
as Up Paint™